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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and was initially released on PC in 2009. It has been since ported to most platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, and many more.

Gameplay: Blocky Sandbox

Minecraft is a typical sandbox where the player has to entertain himself with the tools the developers have added. The two main activities in Minecraft are not surprising at all: they are mining and crafting. You can either dig a deep mine to reach the rarest resources or create any building you can imagine. The world of Minecraft consists of different blocks, and you can destroy them to get resources or place them to build something. The building and crafting opportunities are the main advantages of Minecraft, as you can create almost 400 different items and create buildings of unlimited sizes. The game also has a cross-play feature for you to join your friends from other platforms.

Graphics: World of Cubes

As we have already mentioned above, Minecraft’s world is fully made of blocks. They are detailed enough to make each type of block recognizable, and the game supports high resolutions, but you still cannot call it realistic. It utilizes a unique style, as not only is the terrain made of blocks: the characters, the creatures, and the tools are also made of large pixels, squares, and cubes. The visuals might be a bit controversial and not appealing to everybody, but millions of gamers still enjoy the amazing opportunities Minecraft offers in its pixel realms.

Controls: Comfortable Building

The controls are very easy to learn: destroying the terrain and placing the blocks are pretty simple to use. Despite the game looks simple, the developers have managed to design it in a way that helps you learn it. The inventory management, for example, is easy at first when you only gather several types of resources and craft only several items, but as you progress, the inventory gets more complicated, and you learn to manage it gradually.

Conclusion: Awesome 9/10

Minecraft is one of the best and most popular games ever released, thanks to the simple start and comprehensive opportunities in the late game it offers. The unique style of Minecraft and the addicting gameplay have made millions of people visit the game every day. The blocky world is waiting for you to fill it with your buildings and creations.

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 9

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