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Google Classroom is a free learning platform for the new generation for schools and private users with Google accounts. Teachers can create courses, assignments and even check them in the app. Learners may ask questions online and receive feedback.

Design and Usability 9/10

Design of Google Classroom is really simple. Its main benefit is the integration with Google drive and tools. There are still key features that are missing, like no Google calendar, grade book, no collaborative options within the Classroom. While the program is limited in several minor functions and capacity to modify everything by your taste, Google Classroom is user-friendly and easy in the work.

Educators consider it easy to control, by only copying the code of the lecture and sending it to pupils via Gmail. Google Forms users will find similarities in design. App works properly and interface is clear to understand. Still, there is a tutorial, just in case.

Key Functions 10/10

Google Classroom takes classic learning techniques and brings them online. Every active you thought possible only in the class, now becomes digital. There are extra features to make the whole learning process easier and more qualified.

Teachers create their courses and add them online. It is not only videos you can upload, but there are also tons of images, charts, graphics, music, questionnaires with multiple choices to explain material better. Teachers can find the process of following their students’ progress very satisfying. They can communicate with each other.

Every student will receive access to materials. They can filter streams with subjects to find topic they need. They can have feedback from the teacher and communicate with them online. Students will be able to use Google Drive and Google documents to make homework.

In the meantime, parents can become third participants of the educational process. They can read summaries teachers share on their children performance. It is easy to receive emails with summaries and different announcements made in the class. And everything is free. Parents don’t have to pay anything while their children receive knowledge.

It works with all devices, including tablets, phones, computers. It is delivered by Chrome browser and very easy to log in for users.

Security 9/10

Google says they are constantly working to increase the level of security, especially when it comes to their educational products. They protect the privacy of teachers and materials they downloaded to the platform. The same attitude is towards students, who are secured by extra measurements from Google.


Google Classroom is easy to navigate and packed with tools educational panel designed to make learning more affordable and convenient. Teachers, students, and their parents can use the platform for free. Teachers are able to create their courses and share links with students. Students can receive assignments and marks with feedback. Parents can follow the progress of their children.


  • Impersonal
  • Limited options of integration: no calendar, no grade book


  • Supported by any device as long as users have Google account
  • Completely free
  • Convenient and easy to navigate, user-friendly interface

Design 9

Key Functions 10

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 9

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