Call of Duty®: Mobile

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Call of Duty®: Mobile is a free first-person shooter, which involves you completely due to its perfect gameplay and realistic design. This is a sequel with the multiplayer and competitive modes. Download Call of Duty®: Mobile and complete all the missions and levels.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The 3D graphics are perfect and realistic. You will see a detailed environment and a wide range of weapons. The title looks and sounds really nice on a smartphone.

Controls 10/10

The title provides full control and a progression scheme. It means that you should count on your skills instead of the lucky circumstances. The shooting is very strong here. You can perform various actions, simply tapping the icons and swiping across the screen. The controls are responsive and quite comfortable compared with the keyboard and mouse. There are an automatic firing scheme and a manual one, which can be customized in accordance with your preferences.

Gameplay 9/10

This is a mobile version of the extremely popular console game. It is full of challenges, and you can benefit from the services which can be purchased and get more advantages compared with those players who cannot afford it. Though here you will not find a single-player campaign, there are still a lot of modes. You will enhance your experience when you level up.

The key character will explore several maps providing different conditions. Be ready to think over the particular strategies for every map. There are in-app purchases, which allow you to get even more interesting maps. Sometimes, it seems that the paid elements are really the only way to continue playing, but in general you can do without them and enjoy the title.

There are a lot of scenes where you will shoot without a pause. Battle against the human and AI players, apply the automatic firing and the manual mode. When you do not shoot, you are expected to pick up the resources, earn new weapons, and unlock different characters.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

The replayability of this game is high due to plenty of modes, diverse maps, and a lot of kinds of weapons. If you like shooters, here you will get everything you expect of them, including the battle royale with up to 100 gamers. Apply all options to benefit from the gameplay to the most extent. In addition, you can support your engagement with discussions in the text and voice chat.


The game is well-done with the elements of a powerful shooter. Also, we would mention the strong gameplay mechanics and diverse maps. Here you can play almost without restrictions because no energy meters and advertisement will prevent you from continuing. The controls are simple, but you should master them because the accuracy and aiming do matter in this game. Be ready for the battle royale with the matches lasting for about 10 minutes. And do not forget that the features can be customized.


  • There are realistic graphics
  • The title provides several modes
  • The controls are simple here


  • The bugs are possible
  • The problems with microtransactions happen

Graphics 10

Gameplay 9

Controls 10

Replay Value 9

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