Details You May Have Missed in Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is a brand new simulator that quickly became one of the most popular games of the year. It is incredibly simple, mischievous and heart-warming for millions of players across the world. How can this “Goose phenomenon” be explained? Apparently, the bold and naughty goose reminds adults of their own childhood and gives many interesting tips to youngsters on the further mischief.

The mechanics of the game are so easy: anyone who has never played any games before can learn it in a few seconds. Basically, all you have to do is honk, steal different small things that are on-demand, annoy the villagers until they unite to chase you. And yet, there is a much-hidden treasure you may love.

Boundary Break YouTube channel was made to show us everything that is hidden behind the closed doors. Shesez, the developer of this channel, explores the territory together with Goose. Now you can find interesting features as well. Usually, the camera in the game is limited, so you definitely find Shesez’s review interesting, at the very least.



The first thing that explores the camera is the goose’s accommodation in the bushes at the start of the game. Now you can see through the bushes and find out that the goose is actually sitting there, looking as cute as he can be. You may go forward and check the upside-down map of the village. You will even see the tags with recommendations on your actions. If you go back to goose and spread his wings and he puts them down, you will see that they disappear inside his body. They are actually hidden inside his body until you spread them again.

TV Store

It is hard to actually see what is going on inside the TV store. The only way you can do it is by looking at the TV screens in a showcase on the outside. When you point the camera inside, there will be a similar picture, except for the garage. There is a whole new interior in it and the fridge that you may find interesting.

You have a chance to see what is in the fridge. The camera shows that there are shelves, and probably it was originally designed to play some part in the game. Yet, in the original game, Goose does not see the fridge from inside. And take a look at a person whom you locked into the garage. You can finally check what is going on behind the closed doors.

Going through the house

Usually, when the goose travels through the house, you can’t see what actually is going on there. All you hear is the sounds of something smashing, and then the goose runs away from the front door. From what you can hear, it is a total mess there, but take a closer look at what is going on and you will notice that goose simply runs through it, barely touching anything.

The Broom

Broom bristles and the broom itself can be seen at the same location but in two different spots. This interesting fact was noticed by Shesez when the goose started to fight with a woman at the market for a broomstick. While they were fighting and the broom bristle was on a broomstick, there was the same boom bristle lying behind the building. When the goose tore apart the broomstick and threw it away in pieces, it all made sense. The scene was completed, and a ripped off broom came back to its place behind the building. The similar mechanics you may see at the beginning of the game when you see a box in two places at once.

Untitled Goose Game offers you a unique world where everything has to complete its cycle, no matter what Goose does. Once you break a cup in one scene, the whole new undamaged cup appears not really far from you, but behind the village. Broke two cups, and you can see two cups hanging in the air not far away from the settlement.

To look or not to look?

This is a real question. Once you travel inside the village and investigate what is hidden under the map of the village, this may spoil all the fun. You will see the skeleton of the game. Are you ready to see it? But if you are one of the curious players, you may find this information really interesting and you may want to repeat the experience. Do you love to play Untitled Goose Game? Do you have any tips to share or details you have noticed?

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