Top Book Reading Apps for iPhone Owners

For those who can’t imagine their lives without a proper book to read, we created the list of the most suitable apps. During quarantine times, a book is the only way to travel around the world. Here are the tools that will allow you to open them on your iOS mobile device.

The List of Book Reading Apps

If you are a proud owner of the digital library, you may need a reader on all your devices. Almost all of the readers on the list are free of charge. Many of them offer various benefits and have their own specifics. Check out all of them before you pick the one you need.

BorrowBox Library

BorrowBox Library app was created for users who read frequently and can switch between several books at the same time. This is a digital and audio books app that allows you to download and borrow books, and extend the library. The app works perfectly offline and does not require an Internet connection at all. If your local library supports the app, you may simply register into it, using your personal number. The library provides you access to the books you want to read. Users can reserve books there.

The main features of the app:

  • Simple and easy search system by the book’s title, genre, authors, narrators, and even the age group;

  • Additional information about the book’s author and narrator;

  • The ability to borrow the book, reserve it, and loan;

  • This reader works flawlessly offline.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is a free of charge Apple book app that has been downloaded by millions of users. It offers access to both ebooks and audiobooks. There is a gigantic library inside the app. You can pick something you want to read from 6 million different titles, from good old classics to the new books on the market. You don’t have to use third-party apps to buy these books. Kobo sells books to you directly.

The main features that the app offers its readers:

  • Customizable interface. You can make your experience close to paper reading. There is a night mode for those who don’t want to disturb others or to be forced to go to sleep before the dawn and the end of the book;

  • The greatly designed library allows finding all the books you need. The book you are currently reading is one tap away from you;

  • If you want to compete with other readers, you will be able to see what they are reading right now;

  • The app is synced with your social media;

  • After you read the book, don’t forget to leave the review. You can make new friends by interacting with people who have read the same book as you.

Book Crawler

Book Crawler offers multiple books, different by genres and popularity. You can not only download these books but also share your opinion with other readers. The app helps you to search for paperback versions and provides you their exact location. This app is free of charge and has a simple but clear interface.

Features you will find useful in Book Crawler:

  • Millions of books to read app;

  • There is an advanced customizable eReader for your library;

  • The number search and barcode scanner allows to find even rare books in no time;

  • You can easily transfer all your books between numerous devices with the help of this app;

  • Book Crawler is compatible with all your social media accounts, and Goodreads. Use the app to check out the recommendations and leave your own comments.

Audible Audiobooks

Audible offers you audiobooks on your choice. It is free of charge but contains in-app purchases for those who want to extend their abilities. You can listen to the audiobooks even when staying offline. It is one of the most beneficial apps for those who don’t have enough time to open the book. The interface is user-friendly and does not require additional tutorials.

Services that Audible offers:

  • There is an in-app news feed that notifies you about the upcoming books;

  • There are three different speeds for audiobooks. Pick the one that you need;

  • This app is compatible with your Amazon account. You can download the books you’ve bought on Amazon into the app;

  • The first book in the app is free of charge.


You can download the Scribd app for free, however, to be able to use it and its numerous services, you will have to pay $9.99 per month. This subscription will give you access to one of the biggest e-libraries in the world. The app contains all the genres of the books that exist and much more. It offers to listen to audiobooks and read magazines and newspapers. It is up to you which entertainment to choose, you can always switch among them.

The main features of Scribd:

  • Scribd works perfectly online. You don’t have to stay connected to the Internet whenever you want to read or listen to the book;

  • There is a free trial for the month during which you can understand whether you like the app or not;

  • Extremely convenient navigation allows you to find everything you need in a few seconds;

  • There is a sleep timer that you may arrange while listening to audiobooks;

  • The app offers different speeds of audiobooks narration.


Kindle is a well-known app. It does not even need extra recommendations or mentioning. Usually, this app is the first that comes to mind when we are talking about e-readers. The app is still on-demand around the world. Kindle is connected directly to the Amazon account, so all your books from there will be transported to the app.

The main features of Kindle:

  • You receive access to more than 1000 books, comics, magazines, and newspapers that are part of Amazon Prime;

  • The app has a customizable size of text, background, font type, and text alignment. You can choose how you want to read the book;

  • If you don’t know the word from the book, the place the book mentions, or the person, you can easily open the build-in dictionary or reach the Wikipedia, without having to shut down the reading app;

  • Track your reading progress. You can receive stats of the books you have read and a number of pages.

Which App to Choose?

There are different features that are beneficial for each of the apps on the list. These services make all the reading apps great and suitable for you. You don’t have to pick one reader. You can download and use several of them at the same time. Check out the libraries they offer and customizable interface. If you have found your favorite reading app for iOS, share the name in the comments. Why do you like it? How often do you listen to audiobooks?

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